Forniamo informazioni a tutti  coloro che desiderano studiare in entrambi i paesi. 

Organizziamo vari corsi, anche di  perfezionamento, sia in Italia sia in Estonia.



Itaalia Eesti Selts aitab kaasa info jagamisel kummaski riigis õppida soovijatele.

Korraldame ka kursusi ja täiendõppeid nii Itaalias kui Eestis.



" "La confusione... regna sovrana" - This book has been written as a tool for foreigners who are learning Italian, but it is useful also for people, who for professional or academic reasons, are interested in the subtleties on the Italian language of Italian politics. Italian political language can be tough/ tricky for native speakers as well and it is fundamental for diplomats who work in Italy. 
For example, do you know what these words mean? First, Second and Third Republic, Italicum, Porcellum and Mattarellum, rottamare, esodati, governo di scopo, governissimo and so on, gufi, pitonesse, falchi and supercanguri, politichese, gentese or common sayings such as “mi ritiro sull’Aventino”, Oltretevere and still, there are many more. 
The book is both in Italian and in English and it is divided into chapters and thanks to QR Codes there are many links to videos and articles."



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